Happy Book Lovers Day

Reading is an important part of my life. I read recent releases in the genre in which I write in order to better understand the market while honing my craft. As the manager of a bookstore I read because I want to be able to recommend broadly to my customers. I also read for pleasure, like so many other people do.

I’ve read a lot in my years and I’ve come to find numerous worlds to lose myself in for a few hours at a time. Fantasy is my genre of choice, and today I’m giving a shoutout to the Harry Potter books, which got me hooked on reading and inspired me to start writing my own stories. I suppose I could say that without J.K. Rowling’s magnificent series there would be no Luke Tarzian: author. So thank you, Jo and Harry, for inspiring countless writers and readers all over the globe.

Other books I love: Neverwhere; A Wizard of Earthsea; Words of Radiance; Duskfall; The Silver Linings Playbook; and The History of Love

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