2018 New Year’s Resolutions

If I were to pick a way to sum up the year that was 2017, I would probably go with…


For multiple reason:

  • Donald Dumpster Fire is somehow the POTUS
  • I got engaged (WEE!)

There are obviously several more, but those are the two that stood out, the former for being incredibly shitty and the latter for making a hellspawn of a year tolerable at the very least.


  1. Improve My Mental Health: This is always going to be an uphill battle, one that millions of people face. Despite 2017 being overwhelmingly horrendous (unless you’re one of those MAGA hat-wearing dipshits that thinks Texas is a country…) I feel like my mental health improved decently. Still, I’m not where I want to be and I resolve to find some modicum of internal peace in 2018.
  2. Find Joy & Solace In My Writing Again: This is something I did manage to find in my work toward the end of the year, but I want to make it a year-long commitment. I spent so many years trying to hammer stories out, endeavoring for 2-3k words per day that I ended up hating the process; working with my characters and the worlds, no matter how familiar or fresh, was tiresome. In October, though, I started work on a shorter project, a novella focusing on two of my favorite characters, and I took it slow, eased myself into it. Two hundreds in a session. Maybe 700. Sometimes even less. It was a writing process I used to complete my third and fourth novels, one that helped me retain my enthusiasm for the project while really thinking about what when into ever chapter, scene, page, paragraph, and sentence. My goal going forth is probably 500-1000 words a day and I’m absolutely fine with that.
  3. Stress Less: This more or less ties in to the first item on this list. Read more. Exercise more. Less TV. Learn to breathe.

2018 Things I am excited for (in no particular order):

  1. My wedding in April (*PASSES OUT*)
  2. My honeymoon in April (Scotland and Spain–WEEEEEEEE!)
  3. Writing more stories (WEEE!)
  4. BLOOD REQUIEM by Chris Husberg (WEEEEE!)
  5. Seeing HARRY POTTER & THE CURSED CHILD on Broadway (WEEE!)
  6. Generally being in New York (WEEEE!)
  7. The Writing Excuses retreat (WEEEEEEE!)
  8. A lot of other shit (WEE!)
  9. Ronomar adding more entries to Encyclopedia Harthe (OOOHH! AHHH!)

Happy New Year, everyone. 2017…GTFO.



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