Honeymoon Chapter II: Ackergill Tower, John O’Groats, & the Highlands

So. I am writing this from a lovely little apartment in Granada, Spain. We’ve been here (in Spain, starting in Cordoba) since Saturday and, after a bit of a rough start, have gotten our legs beneath us. We’re having fun, but oh my god do I miss Scotland. So, without further ado…

Chapter II: Ackergill Tower, John O’Groats, & the Highlands.

DAY 5: Today, the fifth day of our honeymoon, we departed Edinburgh for the Highlands, driving up the east coast. Along the way we stopped in Inverness for lunch, found an old war cemetery in the hills overlooking the beach, and took quite a few pictures.

We made it up to the castle (Ackergill Tower) in the early evening and settled in for a lovely dinner at the Smuggler’s Inn. Ackergill Tower (and pretty much every other place in Scotland) is home to a couple of ghosts, so of course I was intrigued.

And of course the view from up top was spectacular!

DAY 6: Our second of three days in the castle. We started with a really tasty complementary breakfast before deciding to take a walk through the grounds (it was really windy).

After that we walked into the town of Wick (A LOT farther away than we had initially thought; I also saw some sheep and got really excited), did some exploring, and then came back to the castle to write. A cold and rainy day, but a good one nonetheless.

DAY 7: Our last day at the castle. Up early again so we decided to get in some writing after breakfast. Once we checked out of the castle we drove up to John O’Groats, which is the northern most part of the British Isle. So, you know…top of the world.

The drive down to Inverness was fun. We took a pitstop at Dunrobin Castle because…castles, and OMFG it was like walking into a fairytale.

We did a bit of a backwoods walk around the property too.

And saw a falconry demonstration.

So. Castles.

MISC. (Me, talking to a sheep)

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