Reflecting Briefly: Life, Loss, Love

April is almost at its end. It’s been a whirlwind year for me thus far. 

So here I am in Spain. It’s almost 1:30 a.m. I feel…calm. So I’m going to reflect on things I feel have been the most important or impactful to me in the last few months.

  • I have improved as a writer. My ability to tell a story is significantly stronger than it was this time last year. My short stories are being held longer for consideration. I have a full manuscript (SHADOW TWINS) on consideration by a great small press. On my current trip I have begun world building and briefly outlining my next project, one that I am extremely excited about: a love letter to the dark fantasy I grew up either reading, watching, or playing.
  • I lost my cat. Loss is part of life. It sucks, and her absence is something I feel every day. Smokey was a piece of my childhood. She was my fur baby. She was my friend. I miss her terribly. We buried her in my parents’ backyard, where her spirit is now able to leer protectively over the property. She probably still stalks our dog.
  • I married my best friend. I am on my honeymoon in Europe. I am absolutely in love; I could not be happier than I am right now. We all dream of finding that special someone, and I just so happened to do so in a bookstore. Go figure. I can’t wait to have children with my wife.

I am still figuring things out.

For now, life is beautiful.


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