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Why I Write

The short reason: I write because I like telling stories. The long(ish) reason: Buckle up, friends--I've got some things to say. The Long(ish) Reason I've seen a number of people on social media lately spouting the "SFF should just be about stories. People shouldn't bring their personal beliefs or experiences into their work" bullshit. That's… Continue reading Why I Write

Free Fiction


The elders say a person’s composure reflects their soul. If this is true, then half our kind are mad. The eclipse is nearly here. I have anticipated it for twenty years, since my first transformation, and I have more or less made peace with my destiny. The moment in between brings fear or purpose and… Continue reading CATHARSIS IN ECLIPSE: A Liosene Short Story


Writing & Revising SHADOW TWINS Part 2: The Plot & Characters

Today I'm going to be talking more about the evolution of SHADOW TWINS, specifically its plot and characters, which I touched on briefly in my previous post regarding the story's inspiration and influences PLOT I can only say so much about the plot without spoiling the story. The original idea for SHADOW TWINS was relatively… Continue reading Writing & Revising SHADOW TWINS Part 2: The Plot & Characters

From My Mouth

SHADOW TWINS Cover Art Concept

So I've been doing some more concept art for SHADOW TWINS, this time with the idea of splitting the story into two parts. Here's the cover for SHADOW TWINS: VULTURES. I would love to use this if I self-pub or if my book gets picked up by a small or traditional publisher.