Donations For My Mother

img_3637On August 9, 2018 my mother, Jill, was diagnosed with AML leukemia. Doctors determined it was caused by the chemotherapy that’d been used to treat a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer for the past year. My mother has previously survived two previous occurrences of ovarian cancer so to receive this news was devastating for our family.

So so what does this mean? AML is an aggressive and acute type of leukemia that needs immediate treatment, which we have already begun at the hospital. However, because my mom is not eligible for a marrow transplant we are seeking alternative treatments. These are not covered by medical insurance, which is why we’ve elected to start this fundraiser. Donations will help pay for these treatments, bills, and anything else that helps make my mom’s fight as comfortable and as worry-free as possible.

My mom is a fighter. She’s been kicking cancer’s ass for 14 years and we as a family are going to continue that fight. Anything that you are able to donate will go a long way in helping our family push through this.

Click HERE to donate.

Thank you,


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