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In My Headphones: Music I’m Loving

The title of this really says it all. I listen to a lot of shit when I'm working out at the gym, walking around the neighborhood, or driving someplace. Often times, when I'm thinking of a scene, a collection of scenes, or the general tone of story I'm working on, I pick a handful of… Continue reading In My Headphones: Music I’m Loving

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VULTURES Prologue & First Chapter

I've talked about SHADOW TWINS for quite some time. Now, I'm proud to present to readers old and new the prologue and first chapter of SHADOW TWINS: VULTURES. PROLOGUE LEGACY The Month of Cemb, Reshaper Year 1900 OURAN'AN, great city of the Reshapers, was a ruin. A necropolis of ice and stone, of hoarfrost spires… Continue reading VULTURES Prologue & First Chapter

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SHADOW TWINS: The Evolution of Cover Art

Just a brief post featuring the various iterations of SHADOW TWINS cover art. I like to think my improvement is noticeable and that my vision for what is represented in the art becomes clearer with each version. In this version I was going for a sort of duality of self approach, but I wasn't completely… Continue reading SHADOW TWINS: The Evolution of Cover Art