Friendos, readers, followers of mine… I am so absolutely happy and proud to announce that VULTURES (Shadow Twins, Book I) is now available in both ebook and paperback formats!


In Ariath, this is more than a simple adage. For Theailys An, theyare words to live by, especially in the city of Helveden, where he and his demon brethren, the dissident, are looked upon with scorn. Viewed as cohorts of the dead progenitor of Ariathan suffering, they are outcasts.

Still, Theailys has a job to do: destroy the Heart of Mirkúr and end the war for good. Though Te Mirkvahíl is dead, its progeny leak endlessly from the Heart, sowing death with their passage. With The Keepers’ Wrath, a power focus of his own design, Theailys believes there is hope to restore peace to Ariath once again.

But ending a war is easier said than done, especially for a man still haunted by past tragedies and occasionally possessed by a murderous presence keen to take his body for its own. As Theailys works to forge The Keepers’ Wrath, amid a creeping shadow over Helveden, onething becomes increasingly and horrifyingly clear:

These events have played out many times before.


“Highly imaginative and powerfully original.” -C.W. Snyder, author of RIVER OF THIEVES

“One of the most stunning debuts I’ve ever read.” -Justine Bergman, FANTASY BOOK CRITIC

“Vivid characters and evocative magic woven together in a deep, intricate setting. A fantastic debut!” -Christopher Husberg, author of DUSKFALL

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