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Snobbery, Ignorance, & the Perversion of Writing

When I was younger, perhaps twenty-one or twenty-two (see: featured image), I had it in my head that I was going to be a big-time writer. I was working on a trilogy of YA contemporary fantasies that I just knew were going to be hot. A twist on zombies, mad gods, and reincarnation—who wasn’t going […]

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Happy Book Lovers Day

Reading is an important part of my life. I read recent releases in the genre in which I write in order to better understand the market while honing my craft. As the manager of a bookstore I read because I want to be able to recommend broadly to my customers. I also read for pleasure, […]

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Fantasy I’m Excited For

DARK IMMOLATION, by Christopher Husberg   Let me preface this by saying I was fortunate enough to beta read for Dark Immolation, which means the following opinions are preexisting. An amnesiac assassin, a child vampire, broken religion, and a drug-based magic system: what’s not to be excited about? Dark Immolation picks up several months after […]

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