Deities & Immortals

The planet Harthe is vast; the tiers of Rapture are equally as large, if not more so, considering they number in the hundreds. I have run across myriad deities and immortals in my travels. Some are quite friendly, others are not. I will do my best to list them all in detail, though that may take time.

I have broken up my entries into categories: place of origin; deities; and immortals (in alphabetical order, of course).


ERATH (er-ATH): The creator of the phantaxian race. He is the youngest child of the Architect and often times referred to as the Season God. He was tortured into incorporeality by the Origin; his poisoned essence lingers in the mountains of his name.

ÍRGI (EER-gi): The warden of the cavern realm, Urga. She is the Chaperon of the Dead, an entity who helps lost and tormented souls find peace. She is also a shapeshifter, an ability that lends itself to helping Urga dwellers come to terms with death.

THE KEEPERS: The Keepers are the guardians of Ariath and the creators of humanity. Residing in the highest tier of Rapture, they observe their progeny with watchful eyes, manifesting on the planet’s surface during times of great need. The Keepers wield the energy source îllum, which they bestow upon select individuals called the Illuminated. Through these heralds, the Keepers’ influence and messages are spread.

THE ORIGIN: The Origin are the black parallels or shadow twins of the Keepers. Wielding the energy source mîrkûr, they are figures of mass destruction; with their power they have erased numerous civilizations from history (I am still trying to figure out just how many). They are associated with the entity Te Mîrkvahîl, either having created the demon or been born of it (a point of contention amongst many historians).

THE PHANTAXIANS (fan-TAX-ian): The children of Erath. Once a people spread across oceans, they reside only in the Erath Mountains, afflicted with a wintery curse that’s left them incapable of feeling warmth. Even still, they are a proud people (many of whom I have come to love brothers and sisters) and they guard their homelands with ferocity and zeal.

TE MÎRKVAHÎL (teh MEERK-va-HEEL): The terror and madness of Ariath; mîrkûr personified. Creator of the flesh-stealing lokyns. The genesis of Te Mîrkvahîl is unclear; most historians believe the Demon Prime to have been fashioned by the Origin. There are, however, a select few (myself included) who have theorized the opposite.


DRAGÚL (dra-GOOL): The guardian deity of Thaleorn; of the realm Elysium specifically. Known as the Astral Drake, Dragúl inhabits the second highest tier of Rapture, shifting in and out of sleep. He observes planetary happenings through the eyes of an avatar—the Perfect Soul. Information about this great god is sparse; not even the Eternal, the immortals who serve him, know much (their loyalty comes from their trust in Ekylíbriu, a deity with whom Dragúl shares a strong bond).

EKYLÍBRIU (eh-kill-EE-bree-oo): Equilibrium. Judger of Souls. Master of the In Between. A benevolent if not mysterious deity, and one possessing immense power. Perhaps the protector of Rapture and all its tiers; perhaps not—no one seems to be completely certain.

THE ETERNAL: The Eternal are the adopted sons and daughters of Ekylíbriu; they are fallen souls gifted a second chance at life. Though they vary greatly in age and ethnicity, there is a sense oneness, of belonging; death and rebirth have a way of bringing people together. Armed with heightened senses and the magic of aurapathy, they guard the realm Elysium.

THE RESHAPERS: The eldest of the Architect’s children, the Reshapers are world builders, responsible for much of Harthe’s conception; they are tools of the Architect, a means to an end or ends. They dwell in the city Ouran’an, honing the ability to wield both îllum and mîrkûr.