“There is always more than meets the eye.” A favorite saying, and one applicable to Harthe and its myriad types of magic. My encyclopedic entries are, of course, ongoing; but for now…


ÎLLUMURGY (EE-loom-ur-gee):​ The manipulation of îllum by îllumurgists.

LACRIMANCY: Divination through the shedding, sharing, and ingestion of tears.

SHAPESHIFTING: The ability to change forms. While not unique to Ariath, shapeshifter numbers here are greater than anywhere else on Harthe combined. However, Ariathan shapeshifting is unique to the phantaxians, the druidic people of the Erath Mountains. Common forms include wolves, bears, and various birds of prey.


HEMOPHAGY (he-MOF-a-gee): The ingestion of blood for enhanced reflexes, senses, and access to hemourgy.

HEMOURGY (he-MO-ur-gee): Accessible through hemophagy, it is the manipulation of blood.


AURAPATHY: Unique to the Eternal. The ability to sense one’s emotional state through the interpretation of body temperatures.

ÎLLUMANCY (EE-loom-an-see): Divination through the use of îllum.

RESHAPING: Relating broadly to Reshaper magic, but referring primarily of îllumurgy and mîrkûrurgy.

  • ÎLLUMURGY (EE-loom-ur-gee): The manipulation of îllum by îllumurgists.
  • MÎRKÛRURGY (MEER-koor-ur-gee): The manipulation of mîrkûr by mîrkûrurgists.

SHAPESHIFTING: The ability to change forms.