“There is always more than meets the eye.” A favorite saying, and one applicable to Harthe and its myriad types of magic. My encyclopedic entries are, of course, ongoing; but for now…


ÎLLUMURGY (EE-loom-ur-gee):​ The manipulation of îllum by îllumurgists.

​ÎLLUMANCY (EE-loom-an-see): Divination through the use of îllum.

LACRIMANCY: Divination through the shedding, sharing, and ingestion of tears.


HEMOPHAGY (he-MOF-a-gee): The ingestion of blood for enhanced reflexes, senses, and access to hemourgy.

HEMOURGY (he-MO-ur-gee): Accessible through hemophagy, it is the manipulation of blood.


AURAPATHY: Unique to the Eternal. The ability to sense one’s emotional state through the interpretation of body temperatures.

ÎLLUMANCY (EE-loom-an-see): Divination through the use of îllum.

RESHAPING: Relating broadly to Reshaper magic, but referring primarily of îllumurgy and mîrkûrurgy.

  • ÎLLUMURGY (EE-loom-ur-gee): The manipulation of îllum by îllumurgists.
  • MÎRKÛRURGY (MEER-koor-ur-gee): The manipulation of mîrkûr by mîrkûrurgists.

SHAPESHIFTING: The ability to change forms.