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In My Headphones: Music I’m Loving

The title of this really says it all. I listen to a lot of shit when I'm working out at the gym, walking around the neighborhood, or driving someplace. Often times, when I'm thinking of a scene, a collection of scenes, or the general tone of story I'm working on, I pick a handful of… Continue reading In My Headphones: Music I’m Loving

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VULTURES Prologue & First Chapter

I've talked about SHADOW TWINS for quite some time. Now, I'm proud to present to readers old and new the prologue and first chapter of SHADOW TWINS: VULTURES. PROLOGUE LEGACY The Month of Cemb, Reshaper Year 1900 OURAN'AN, great city of the Reshapers, was a ruin. A necropolis of ice and stone, of hoarfrost spires… Continue reading VULTURES Prologue & First Chapter

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SHADOW TWINS: The Evolution of Cover Art

Just a brief post featuring the various iterations of SHADOW TWINS cover art. I like to think my improvement is noticeable and that my vision for what is represented in the art becomes clearer with each version. In this version I was going for a sort of duality of self approach, but I wasn't completely… Continue reading SHADOW TWINS: The Evolution of Cover Art

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Why I Write

The short reason: I write because I like telling stories. The long(ish) reason: Buckle up, friends--I've got some things to say. The Long(ish) Reason I've seen a number of people on social media lately spouting the "SFF should just be about stories. People shouldn't bring their personal beliefs or experiences into their work" bullshit. That's… Continue reading Why I Write