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SHADOW TWINS Cover Art Concept

So I've been doing some more concept art for SHADOW TWINS, this time with the idea of splitting the story into two parts. Here's the cover for SHADOW TWINS: VULTURES. I would love to use this if I self-pub or if my book gets picked up by a small or traditional publisher.   

From My Mouth

Donations For My Mother

On August 9, 2018 my mother, Jill, was diagnosed with AML leukemia. Doctors determined it was caused by the chemotherapy that’d been used to treat a reoccurrence of ovarian cancer for the past year. My mother has previously survived two previous occurrences of ovarian cancer so to receive this news was devastating for our family.… Continue reading Donations For My Mother

Free Fiction


Dolos called his dagger "Whiskey." Most people called Whiskey by her other names, such as "Get that fucking thing away from me" or "Gods, please—no!" But unlike most things and people in Liosene, Whiskey did not discriminate. If you looked like you could do with a drink, she was happy to oblige. And in a… Continue reading THIRSTING FOR WHISKEY: A Liosene Short Story


Writing & Revising SHADOW TWINS Part 1: The Inspiration

I have always wanted to do a series of posts detailing my writing process, but until now I didn't feel confident in doing so. SHADOW TWINS has come a long way since its conception as THE FORGER; it's a project I'm extremely passionate about. I have seen it grow from a generic, not-too-bad first attempt… Continue reading Writing & Revising SHADOW TWINS Part 1: The Inspiration