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Why Are My Stories So Dark? I've been asked this question occasionally and I thought it might be an interesting one to finally tackle. There are multiple answers, the first two being: I generally like dark fiction.One of my favorite authors and influences is Edgar Allan Poe. BUT. There's a bit more to it than that. I've gone through some… Continue reading Why Are My Stories So Dark?

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VULTURES Second Chapter

2 IRE SERECE yanked a crystalline blade from the lokyn’s forehead with a grinding squelch. The demon’s essence turned to ash and scattered in the wind, leaving behind the rotted remains of whomever it’d possessed. Disgusting things, these parasitic shadows were. Absolute abominations of nature. She pressed east, distant shrieks muffled by her hood. She… Continue reading VULTURES Second Chapter

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VULTURES Prologue & First Chapter

PROLOGUE LEGACY The Month of Cemb, Reshaper Year 1895 OURAN'AN, once great city of the Reshapers, was a ruin. A necropolis of ice and stone, of hoarfrost spires like the jagged teeth of dragons. A sick, black essence webbed its way along the streets; it crept up buildings like vines. Its gossamer threads extended from… Continue reading VULTURES Prologue & First Chapter

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SHADOW TWINS: The Evolution of Cover Art

Just a brief post featuring the various iterations of SHADOW TWINS cover art. I like to think my improvement is noticeable and that my vision for what is represented in the art becomes clearer with each version. In this version I was going for a sort of duality of self approach, but I wasn't completely… Continue reading SHADOW TWINS: The Evolution of Cover Art