Coping: Life After My Mother Has Passed

This past Thursday (October 18, 2018) my mother passed away after a three-month battle with leukemia. When I got the call from my father I fell into a strange sort of catharsis, the kind that consists of a) sadness over the loss of my mother and b) the emotional release brought by knowing that she […]

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Head Space: A Ramble From a Momentarily Depressed & Angry Author

I’ve been home from vacation for almost two weeks and it’s been…tough. For several reasons: Horrible eye strain Mood swings Thoughts on mortality Attempting to juggle multiple outlines for new projects while thinking about a WIP I’m almost done with My mom, who is ill The end of July to present has felt like a […]

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On Losing a Pet

This is one of those posts that no one ever wants to write, but here I am, doing so in hopes of achieving some sort of catharsis. Let me preface what’s to come by saying I have lost pets before, and no matter how many times you go through it, it’s never easy. That being […]

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