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VULTURES Prologue & First Chapter

I've talked about SHADOW TWINS for quite some time. Now, I'm proud to present to readers old and new the prologue and first chapter of SHADOW TWINS: VULTURES. PROLOGUE LEGACY The Month of Cemb, Reshaper Year 1900 OURAN'AN, great city of the Reshapers, was a ruin. A necropolis of ice and stone, of hoarfrost spires… Continue reading VULTURES Prologue & First Chapter

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The elders say a person’s composure reflects their soul. If this is true, then half our kind are mad. The eclipse is nearly here. I have anticipated it for twenty years, since my first transformation, and I have more or less made peace with my destiny. The moment in between brings fear or purpose and… Continue reading CATHARSIS IN ECLIPSE: A Liosene Short Story

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Dolos called his dagger "Whiskey." Most people called Whiskey by her other names, such as "Get that fucking thing away from me" or "Gods, please—no!" But unlike most things and people in Liosene, Whiskey did not discriminate. If you looked like you could do with a drink, she was happy to oblige. And in a… Continue reading THIRSTING FOR WHISKEY: A Liosene Short Story

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PUSS: A Novelette

PUSS originally appeared in issues 14 and 15 of SANITARIUM MAGAZINE as CRINKLEPUSS and FRANKENPUSS. The story (or stories) were written to suggest the protagonist or POV character as being a bit different than most people. It is still, to this day, the single most unnerving story I feel I've written. PART 1: Crinkle I… Continue reading PUSS: A Novelette