Writing, Money, & Scamming Your Way to the Top

So. If you're on Twitter or if you follow the publishing industry in some capacity then you might have taken notice of drama that is (was?) The Handbook for Mortals (TL;DR: YA debut scams its way to the top of the NY Times bestsellers list; is quickly removed thanks in part to YA Twitter channel… Continue reading Writing, Money, & Scamming Your Way to the Top


#PitchWars & NaNoWriMo

I have learned several things about myself as a writer in the last several years, the first being that I tend to really buckle down on project deadlines the closer I get to the end of the year. For whatever reason, I tend to be a much more productive writer in the fall. I suppose… Continue reading #PitchWars & NaNoWriMo

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Snobbery, Ignorance, & the Perversion of Writing

When I was younger, perhaps twenty-one or twenty-two (see: featured image), I had it in my head that I was going to be a big-time writer. I was working on a trilogy of YA contemporary fantasies that I just knew were going to be hot. A twist on zombies, mad gods, and reincarnation—who wasn't going… Continue reading Snobbery, Ignorance, & the Perversion of Writing


Happy Book Lovers Day

Reading is an important part of my life. I read recent releases in the genre in which I write in order to better understand the market while honing my craft. As the manager of a bookstore I read because I want to be able to recommend broadly to my customers. I also read for pleasure,… Continue reading Happy Book Lovers Day