So. VULTURES will be unleashed upon the world in just over a month. I’m super excited. To help garner interest, I’ve been doing a lot of promotional art in addition to the general cover and interior art for the book. I thought it would be fun to share these with you all. And yes—I’m looking […]

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SHADOW TWINS: The Evolution of Cover Art

Just a brief post featuring the various iterations of SHADOW TWINS cover art. I like to think my improvement is noticeable and that my vision for what is represented in the art becomes clearer with each version. In this version I was going for a sort of duality of self approach, but I wasn’t completely […]

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SHADOW TWINS Cover Art Concept

So I’ve been doing some more concept art for SHADOW TWINS, this time with the idea of splitting the story into two parts. Here’s the cover for SHADOW TWINS: VULTURES. I would love to use this if I self-pub or if my book gets picked up by a small or traditional publisher.   

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